Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming to a Theater Near You: NWA THE MOVIE!


So I guess they are making an N.W.A. movie? As far as bad ideas go this has got to be up there. Didn't the producers see Notorious? I guess that movie made around 50m and that was enough for the suits in Hollywood to rush this future piece of revisionist history into production. The chick who wrote the shiteous Oliver Stone 9/11 flick World Trade Center is signed on to script the film which according to imdb she is also writing a film about the Gucci family.

Cube and Dre are reportedly the producers and according to the rock hard facts over at wikipedia Lil Eazy E is playing his father and Cube's son DoughBoy is playing the old man. I hope they get Jonah Hill to play Jerry Heller.

Who would yall like to see play the rest of the crew?

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