Friday, June 25, 2010


Sir Mix-A-Lot's Press Kit from 1991. Simply Amazing.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

SOTA @ Easy Street this THURSDAY


The Georgetown Music Festival is going down this weekend and there is a pretty damn good lineup of local hiphop, including our friends and yours State of the Artist. Also on the bill is Bellingham favorites The Productionists who are one of the funkiest hip hop groups to ever grace the stage.

Peep the full lineup above and be sure to come rock with us this weekend!

New Saadiq

New music from my number one man crush. This is a part of the Levi's Pioneering Sessions series, where some of today's best artists cover one of their major influences. Here we find Saadiq covering The Spinners - 'It's A Shame' and it is pretty damn great.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

King of Funk

The poster for Dam-Funk's two dates in SF and LA at the beginning of July. I appreciate me some good graphic artwork, especially in the form of concert posters, and this is about as good as they come. Doesn't hurt that Mr. Funk also happens to be my MVP of 2009.

And silk screen posters are oh so classy...

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We Present to You: STRIKING BACK!

The latest release from Seattle Singer/Songwriter Jordan Thompsen comes under the name "STRIKING BACK!" Recorded and produced in Los Angeles last September with legendary producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Something Corporate, Fiona Apple, No Doubt), the Restless EP is a 6 song powerhouse of highly produced ballads aimed at a mainstream audience. The EP is now available in all major online retailers including iTunes and and will be released exclusively in stores at Best Buy locations nationwide. Don't Sleep!

Jordan has been an incredible friend and supporter of everything SOTA does from making music to stage managing shows for us, helping us navigate the "buisness" end of music and even connecting us with some really important people. We were present when he recorded his EP in LA, staying at the studio with him for a week straight of 14-hour sessions, and even giving feedback on bits and pieces of the production. It was an incredible experience, topped by the fact that the MUSIC IS FUCKING FEEELTHY.

Jordan's music is receiving great reviews worldwide on the brink of it's release, and he is having his debut show in Seattle tomorrow night at Nectar Lounge. We will be performing a song off our album that he collaborated on--and partying all night. This is a very exciting show for us and we would LOVE all of your support in making sure Nectar is wide awake tomorrow night! See you there.


The COOLEST Thing You Will See All Day

Just try it. Seriously.

Free Fly Skydiving in Péronne in France

Anyone want to go skydiving?

GoldenEye is BACK

Holy crap.

I wasted a large chunk of my middle school years playing this game. This could be bad for my productivity levels.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

I love brass. I love horn sections. I love horn stabs. I love to sample horns. I wish I could play trumpet.

That said, this is the most excited I've been about new music in a long time. I've heard these guys pop up on tracks here and there over the last year or so, but when I heard them on BK-One's 'Tema Do Canibal' my brain damn near exploded from sheer brass happiness.

Peep this vid and the description below for a full briefing on this Chi-Town clique.

ChoiceCuts presents Hypnotic Brass Ensemble from Loughlin McSweeney on Vimeo.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are one of a kind. Graced with soul, funk, and spirituality this band have captivated audiences worldwide. Their music is a combination of all genres. With the undeniable drive of hip-hop, the freedom of rock and the melodic thread of R&B these guys are nothing short of unique.

All band members are the sons of legendary Sun Ra trumpeter Phil Cohran. The group began performing together as children (some as early as 3 years old). In 1999 they formed what is now known as the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and have performed or collaborated with some of the greatest musical stars of the last two decades. From Mos Def to Maxwell, Wu Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah to UK superstar Damon Alburn, Erykah Badu to Fela Kuti's drummer Tony Allen. If you don't know these guys you're missing out.

They are putting out an EP this year entitled "Heritage" and this is the lead single, which is a cover of one of my all time favorite hip hop slow jams.

Spottie - Heritage EP Exclusive Download by ChoiceCuts

So are you sold yet? I am going to do everything in my power to bring these guys to Seattle.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bad Juju

I've been on the design hustle this week.

Here's the poster for the new Friday Night at the JUJU presented by your favorite party peoples, Members Only. Be sure to come in this Friday for nothing but the best spirit conjuring party jams in town brought to you by DJ Swervewon.

Always free.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

JFK on Street Sounds

JFK stopped by the KEXP studio a few weeks back to promote the release of his latest album "Building Wings on the Way Down." He threw down a pretty incredible performance and brought Candidt, Mr Hill and 18 friends named Bud Light. We partied.

I make some very memorable cameos.

JFK aka NinjaFace @ KEXP Seattle from Zoos Juice on Vimeo.

Back to Ours

Tomorrow at the Triple Door I will be spinning with fellow vinyl enthusiast / mixmaestro DJ Bamboo for a new monthly event titled "Back to Ours." I am excited about this for numerous reasons... I have never played the Triple Door and it is a freaking fantastic venue... The Musicquarium has a 1,900 gallon fish tank that is fairly gangsteresque... I love spinning obscure vinyl and getting paid for it... My guy Bamboo is a ferociously talented DJ... and nothing beats digging through my collection and plucking out gems I forgot I had, or just remembering the stories behind each record. Preparing an all vinyl set is one of my favorite things to do in general.

So please join us for FREE tomorrow night (Wed, June 9th) at the Musiquarium Lounge at the Triple Door, peep some fish, grab a drink, vibe out and listen to some vinyl classics.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Theophilus London - I Want You

Saw this cat at SXSW and was really impressed. Great live show, dope beats, great stage presence. This video and song have a wonderful arc. Like a short story. Once the beat fully drops in you're pretty much hooked. Great song and the video is tres sexy.


DOWNLOAD: Theophilus London – I Want You (Mixtape)

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Yuk the World

So Fierce Vill of Dyme Def and BeanOne are working on a new project together. This is fantastic news, being that I think Bean is one of the town's best creative minds and Fierce is, well, fierce on the mic.

It is my understanding that Yuk (aptly titled name of said project) will be a multimedia campaign of sickness. It will mainly consist of a clothing brand, sold solely at Cap Hill boutique GOODS, but will also bring disgusting amounts of free music and videos to the masses to help promote.

Peep this new track and let the gas face wash over you.

<a href=""> by BeanOne</a>

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Walking Dead is soon to be a TV Show

I'm not sure how many of you read comics, I'd say a small percentage but a percentage none-the-less, if you do I'm sure you are hip to The Walking Dead. For those who aren't here's the gist, Rick Grimes awakes in the hospital in his small town in Kentucky finding it deserted a la 28 days Later. He goes to Atlanta in search of his family as the masses were told to head to large cities where the government could protect them from the Zombie Apocalypse. It's overrun by Zombies, he finds his family in a refugee camp outside the city and they must start a new life. The book is still being produced and is in my opinion the best graphic novel being made today.

Now it is being made into a TV Series for AMC. In the last few years AMC has really become a strong brand when it comes to scripted drama, with Mad Men and Breaking Bad ushering in a new era for cable television. I would be sold on the idea if I had only heard that it was on AMC cause I know they wouldn't fuck up the great story put forth by Robert Kirkman. The thing that takes me from sold to completely and utterly stoked is who the show runner is for this fucker, Frank Darabont.

Darabont is a master of his craft which up until this point has been Film. For the uninitiated he is the man responsible for adapting and directing two great films based on Steven King stories "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Green Mile", as well as writing "Frankenstein" with Deniro, writing/directing the underrated Jim Carey film "The Majestic" and the completely serviceable King adaptation of "The Mist". So what makes him qualified to write/direct/produce a TV Series based on Zombie Apocalypse? His early career consisted of his writing the genre films "The Blob", "The Fly II", and "Nightmare 3: Dream Warriors".

He's been nominated for Oscars, Globes, and Saturns and now he is bringing his humanist writing and directing to Zombies on AMC. Color me excited.

Big Boi Watch: Luscious Left Foot Arrives in 1 Month

At Members Only we are on the bandwagon with everyone else waiting for Big Boi's soon to be released insta-classic Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. After years of talk about the album and a number of ridiculous leaks (Hello, Royal Flush) the hype is reaching fever pitch. The record has features from past collaborators in the Dungeon Family (Andre 3000, Big Rube, Sleepy Brown) as well as new comers/blog favorites Yelawolf, and Gucci Mane (on the amazing Shineblockas). Production is being handled by the OGs Organized Noize, Big Boi's own Boom Boom Room Productions, and the newly ressurected Scott "Hookers and Blow" Storch.

So today June 6th, one month from the official release on Def Jam, the track General Patton was leaked to Rap Radar. My first impressions of the song, DOPE. Its southern drums with a George Solti opera sample and Big Boi coming super hard the entire time.

Feast your ears on General "Antwan Andre" Patton:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh No vs. iPad

I had the opportunity to meet Oh No down at SXSW during the Red Bull Big Tune Battle and dude was super cool. We chopped it up about beats and records and I gave him some mixtapes and a copy of the Magnetic Blackness 7 inch.

Here he is flexing his ridiculously juiced creative muscles on an iPad. Wowzers.

Oh No - Coffee Break by goincase

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Members Only Recommends: The Honeymoon Tour Tonight at The High Dive

Jeff Tune is a man I consider a friend. He helped me a lot when I was first breaking in to the Seattle scene and continues to advise me in this new stage of my music career. He is loyal, funny, confident, and makes me less self-conscious about being bald. His music has always been entertaining and as of late actually good. "Amateur Hour" ranks among my favorite Seattle LPs ever due to the biting satire and reckless abandon shown on every song. I have seen him perform dozens of times, with Grieves, Solo, and with :shudders: The Let Go and I am still excited for his show tonight.

He has written songs about his past relationship with an escort, his affinity for the Lusty Lady, his penis size, taking a shit, fucking trannies, and just about any other cringe worthy topic you wouldn't want your Mother/Girlfriend/Wife to hear.

This is why last year when the man known as Type told me he was getting married I was a bit floored. Typecast getting married?!?!? Can't be. Who would marry this VD infected shit bag that we all know and love?

Her name is Erica and she is the best thing to ever happen to my buddy Jeff and I am excited to send them off on their Honeymoon Tour tonight at the High Dive.

Also on the bill is my Rush Housemate Griff J, moody spit kicker Sadistik, and a newcomer from the Norf End (shout out to Fridgington)by the Name of Steph.

It's $7, it will be fun, just go to it.

This Show is Members Approved